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Sustainability is much more than protecting and preserving nature. It is, first and foremost, the concept of finding balance between us as human beings and our natural environment. 

One of the core values of Amorim WISE is the Respect for Nature. With a green production process and use of natural, sustainable and recyclable raw materials, Amorim WISE promotes people’s well-being.Beyond its remarkable sustainability credentials, Amorim WISE is also a high end product that combines quality, performance and unique designs.

Amorim WISE has reached a remarkable negative carbon balance in most of its products, helping to reduce the global warming potential.

No Trees are damaged or cut down during the harvesting The extraction of cork and its related industries are remarkably sustainable. This is because the tree is never cut down or damaged during the extraction process and the bark regenerates itself after each harvesting.
Positive ecological impact For each ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest retains up to 73 tons pf CO2, helping to reduce Global Warming Potential (GWP).
Rural areas economic engine The cork oak forest is essential for the economic development of rural areas in the Mediterranean region, by creating jobs and activities related to the harvesting and treatment of cork. WWF estimates that more than 100 000 people are economically dependent of cork-related business activities.
One of the highest paid agricultural jobs Cork harvesting is an activity that requires experience and high skills, to prevent damaging the tree during the process. Therefore this activity is one of the highest paid agricultural jobs in the world.
Crossing generations More than a job, harvesting is a handcraft work that requires a deep knowledge of the forest and the technique. Thus to be able to perform this activity takes several years of training, a know-how that crosses family generations.
Prevent rural desertification

Cork harvesting is a regular and cyclical process, creating a continuous activity that contributes to settle people in areas at risk of desertification.

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