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Amorim Cork Flooring S.A.’s undertaking Amorim Cork Flooring S.A. makes a fundamental commitment to its Stakeholders to uphold their privacy and protect their personal data. Amorim Cork Flooring S.A. encourages you to read this Privacy Policy and its respective updates. Entity in charge of data processing and entity entrusted with data protection The entity in charge of collecting and processing your personal data will be Amorim Cork Flooring S.A., who will provide you with the service or supply the product and in this framework will decide what data will be collected, the means of data processing and the purposes for which the data will be used. Amorim Cork Flooring S.A. also has a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who (i) will monitor compliance of the data processing techniques with applicable standards, (ii) is a point of contact with the Stakeholder for any clarifications (iii) will cooperate with the supervisory authority, (iv) will provide information and advise the data processing controller or subcontractor of their obligations in the framework of privacy and data protection.


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