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Perfect installation? Yes, it is possible!

At Amorim Wise, we invest in sustainable products, and Cork Pure is one of the best examples. Why? Because it is made from cork, a renewable resource (where trees are not cut) and with unique characteristics.

The Cork Pure range offers a wide selection of hand-crafted decorative cork, truly unique, ensuring an effect without pattern repetitions. The glue down installation system Provides the possibility to create spaces with unique character. This allows the creation of completely different spaces, being residential or commercial, even when choosing the same product.


The technical solution of Cork Pure:

  1. Protective surface
  2. Genuine cork layer
  3. 3.2mm Cork Agglomerate


Cork Pure: 100 products to choose from!

In this link, you can discover a hundred varieties of Cork Pure, and be careful not to fall in love with them all! From the Accent line to Fashionable, Identity, Lin, among many others for sure that some will meet the style that you want! Here are some examples: Accent Camel; Fashionable Champagne; Identity Grafite and Linn Chestnut


Follow our installation instructions that guide you step by step through this simple process and see some of the most frequently asked questions below.


Can I install Cork Pure in the bathroom?

As long as you follow these steps, of course you can:

  • Seal the perimeter joints;
  • Let the glue dry for 24 hours before applying any varnish;
  • Varnish the area after installation (you can check our List of Auxiliary Products for recommended varnishes);
  • Let the varnish dry for 24 hours before using. 


Is it okay to install Cork Pure over a heated underlay?

If the heating system does not exceed 28ºC on the floor, there is no objection to the installation of Cork Pure.


How can I protect the floor if other construction is going on in the same room?

Protecting the floor is essential if other constructions are going on in the same room. You can cover it with a card or something similar. Never use plastic or other non-permeable materials.


Can intense and direct sunlight damage my floor?

Like all natural materials, the color of cork can be subject to variations when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. To avoid color variations, protect your floor by placing curtains or blinds.


Where can I buy Cork Pure or another Cork Wise product?

To purchase any Amorim Cork Wise product just contact us or access this link to see which store is more close to you! We are waiting for you.


Ready to make the most of your cork floor? Feel the comfort of cork and nature, literally at your feet!


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