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The comfort of a kitchen with a cork flooring

In a time when we have been spending more time at home you probably know someone who started some kind of renovation and felt inspired to do the same. 

You probably even thought about using this time at home to renovate one of those spaces that usually tend to be more difficult, such as kitchens. And regarding kitchen renovations, flooring tends to be one of those topics that lead to a lot of indecision. With aesthetics, comfort, and ease of maintenance being some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the final product, we bring an option that combines all of that and even more.

Amorim Wise Inspire 700 is the perfect flooring solution for your kitchen. Whether you want a classic stone look or a rustic wood visual, Amorim Wise Inspire 700 has the trendiest visuals, with the comfort and benefits of cork.  
Amorim Wise Inspire 700 has three layers of cork, to guarantee the utmost comfort, impact resistance and natural thermal insulation. These layers are topped with a cork, wood or stone visual, in a solution that not only follows the ultimate design trends but is also sustainably produced and based on cork and recycled materials.


How will my kitchen become more comfortable?

Cork contains millions of tiny air-filled cells that not only reduce the impact of each step you take - and think about how much you walk around when you’re in the kitchen - but also ends up causing less noise, absorbing the impact of things that fall on the floor, and maintaining a pleasant temperature all year long.


What about the performance?

Yes, we have all gotten distracted in the kitchen before and that may have led to undesirable accidents, and that’s exactly why the protective wear layer plays such a big role in the performance of this floating floor. Besides protecting it from the “aggressions” of a busy kitchen, this layer also makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the flooring.
And if you are not planning on going through another renovation anytime soon, we have good news for you: Amorim Wise Inspire 700 has a limited lifetime warranty for residential areas.


But is it sustainable?
Cork itself is a sustainable material, it’s the outer bark of the cork oak tree. We don’t cut the trees to remove the bark and it regenerates itself after 9 years.

The production process is a green one, making sure that every waste is recovered and reintroduced in the production process. We even use cork dust to generate energy through biomass.
Amorim Wise Inspire 700 products are PVC free, made of cork and recycled materials, with a negative carbon balance, meaning that more carbon is removed from the atmosphere than the one emitted to produce Amorim Wise Inspire 700.
How does Amorim Wise Inspire 700 contribute to your family’s health?
As we mentioned before, the fact that it is more comfortable and resistant to impact alone makes this flooring healthier for your feet than any other non-cork option.

However, for us, the air you breathe is just as important as the floor you step on. We have several indoor air quality certificates, such as the French Regulation on VOC emissions, in which we’ve been rated with the highest level, A+. This means that the air that circulates inside your kitchen will not be impacted by potential emissions coming from the floor.


Will I get the design I’ve been dreaming about?

Of course! From the darkest wood shades to the most glacial stone tones, from Californian to Nordic inspiration, we have several different colors, textures and visuals you can choose from and we know you’ll find one that you love.

The best thing you can do is click here and start making your shortlist today!

Want to test our products before making a decision?
Before choosing your flooring, make sure to test your favorite ones with real images of your house using our flooring simulator.



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