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Eco-friendly and sustainable houses with cork flooring

When you're looking for a more sustainable way of life, you may also want to transform the spaces where you spend most of your time. Opting for sustainable cork flooring solutions when renovating or building our homes is an excellent starting point if you want to create an environment in your home that is compatible with your ideals.

One of the many advantages of cork flooring for the environment is that its harvesting does not harm any trees. In addition, cork is a 100% natural, recyclable and reusable material, and its production has a negative carbon balance.


Want to start transforming your home into a sustainable and environmentally friendly space? Read this article and discover some of the solutions we have for you at Amorim Wise. 

Wood Inspire 700 for your Living Room


The living room is one of the most important spaces in your home: it's where you spend time with your family, watching your favorite series, or even reading a book in your favorite armchair. It is a space for relaxing and for leisure, where we can reflect, socialize with friends, and idealize projects.


One can even say that this space is the business card of your home. So if you value the environment and would like your living room to reflect that, there's nothing better than converting this space using materials with a negative carbon footprint. 

We recommend our Wood Inspire 700 range of floating floors with a wood look, a water-resistant solution suitable for any room. 

Cork Pure Signature solutions for your Bedroom 


Cork flooring is an excellent option for any kind of space, and if what you're looking for is a sustainable solution for your room with a natural and ecological look, we have the perfect solution. Would you like a floor that easily goes with any kind of furniture and every color? 


We recommend our Cork Pure Signature line, which helps create a unique atmosphere in your room. You can choose the perfect combination of cork floors and cork walls for your new bedroom.


Repurposing your old furniture instead of buying new elements is a great way to create a completely personalized and even more sustainable space.

Transform your kitchen with our Stone Pure line

Our kitchen flooring products are available in a wide variety of colors to perfectly suit your tastes and needs. We also have several water-resistant cork flooring options: a perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms. 


If you are looking for lighter tones, we recommend the Beton Nordic or Identity Moonlight cork floor options, from our Stone Pure Line. 

Eco-friendly Bathroom with Stone Inspire 700 flooring

Your bathroom floor can also be eco-friendly if you choose to lay one of several water-resistant cork floating floor options from our Stone Inspire 700 range. We suggest a floor in a dark tone such as Beton Corten to give your new bathroom a bolder look. 


Did you like our suggestions? Visit the website and try our floor simulator with photos from the rooms you wish to transform. With our cork flooring solutions, you will find it easy to create a sustainable and eco-friendly home. 


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