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Are floating floors noisy? Does cork flooring absorb sound?

Have you been looking for a floor that absorbs sound and helps reduce the noise when you walk, dance, or exercise at home? If the answer is yes, cork floating floors might be the right solution for you.

Cork is a material with high performance in terms of sound absorption properties, helping reduce noise, while also working as an acoustic insulator. Would you like to learn more about this solution? Continue reading and discover whether this is the right choice for your next home renovation.


Ways in which cork flooring absorbs sound


1. Cork flooring noise reduction

One of the best features of cork floorings is indeed its noise reduction capacity, and Amorim Wise’s cork floors can reduce walking sounds by 53%. This means they’re the perfect choice if you are concerned about lowering the impact of people moving or any other daily activities you do at home, such as exercising or playing hide and seek with your kids.

2. Acoustic insulation - cork floor sound insulation

Cork is also great if you’re looking for a solution that helps isolate sound between rooms - offices, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. This material helps reduce sound from other rooms, helping to create a less noisy environment.


3. Cork flooring sound absorption

Using this type of material in walls can help create a space with better sound isolation from the outside, and from the inside out, making it a great choice for meeting rooms, or even a space at home in which you need noise to be reduced.


Say goodbye to noisy floors 


Besides their great noise reduction quality, Amorim Wise’s floors also improve indoor air quality, provide a superior sense of comfort - even when walking barefoot -, and have the highest shock-absorbing performance.


When it comes to noise, our flooring solutions are able to reduce walking sounds up to 53%. So if what you’re looking for is a flooring solution with the highest quality and performance, we’ve got you covered.


Our Cork Inspire 700 line is a great choice for your next renovation - especially if you’re looking to reduce noise and create a space that is comfortable, sustainable, and elegant.


Choose wisely, choose cork


If you’re planning on renovating your living room floors, we suggest our Fashionable Grafite - a dark-colored flooring that you can combine with modern furniture and colorful tapestry, giving this space a new, alternative, and bold look.


For a space such as a home office, we recommend our Originals Harmony flooring, the right choice for those looking to create a noise-free room with a more sustainable and ecological performance. Maybe you’ll get inspired enough to create a new podcast of your own! 


Whichever plans you have for your next renovation, we can assure you that cork flooring will provide extra comfort and help you feel even more relaxed in your home, not having to worry about whether you’re bothering your neighbors with your favorite activities.


Go to our website to find out more about our cork flooring options - and take a look at our Floor Simulator so you can plan your renovation easily and picture exactly how your project will look like.


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