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3 Ideas for including cork in decor

Whether you are renovating your home, building an entirely new one, or simply doing an extreme makeover to one of your rooms, you have probably heard about cork as one of the main decor trends of today. It looks amazing, it is sustainable and it makes a statement. Let’s learn why that is and how you can incorporate it into your decor.


Better organization while remote working


In a time when an increasing number of families are adopting remote work as the norm, it becomes important to distinguish leisure rooms and work rooms within your house. Although not all of us are able to have an entire room as our home office, we can adapt certain divisions in order to focus on work, while spending our working hours in the same space as our families. Why not, for example, apply a Dekwall wall covering in a bedroom or living room?

With a cork wall covering, you can achieve the perfect atmosphere for work, without having to move tables and furniture around and cause an unnecessary mess: a room with a natural looking wall covering will always feel more organic!

Besides the visual effect, a cork wall promotes higher thermal and noise insulation, due to the unique properties of cork, that make you feel a lot more productive no matter where you are.



What to do with the kids’ room?


For any soon-to-be parents reading this article, while you try to plan out the perfect room for the little one that is about to arrive, we have the best solution and we’ll explain why.


 - Cork softens impacts

Whether we’re talking about a baby or a toddler, whenever a little one is playing around, it’s impossible not to keep an eye on their every move to make sure no accidents occur. When you have cork flooring, their falls are cushioned by cork, which makes any room a lot safer for the development of your children.


- A lot more silence 

Cork is, by nature, an extremely efficient sound absorber thanks to the insulating properties of its cells. This noise insulation not only makes each step sound a lot quieter, but it also minimizes noise between rooms, making the entire house a more peaceful place.


- Growing up in a sustainable environment

Because they are produced with sustainable materials, our Amorim WISE floors also guarantee higher indoor air quality. This means that, by choosing any of our floors, you'll creating a space with better air quality and, consequently, better sustainability for your child to grow up safely. 



What about cork for the rest of the house?


When we think about picking a floor for our house, we consider factors like durability, sturdiness and safety. Cork offers all of this and much more.


This material can reach a higher level of efficiency when it comes to shock absorption, when compared to linoleum, laminated flooring, and ceramic tiles. Why? Due to its elasticity and length, cork becomes adaptable to pressure and it doesn’t lose its flexibility, which allows it to adapt to shock. Besides cushioning impact, it becomes more resistant over time, and that translates into a longer lifespan.


Besides its own lifespan, cork also ensures a longer “lifespan” to those who walk on it. Amorim WISE floors have the perfect composition to absorb the impact of your heel, as well as of the body tension that can be experienced while walking.


In addition to the health and performance factors, choosing cork also means choosing design. At Amorim WISE, we have several design options that you can pick for each room in your home, including darker and lighter tones, as well as vibrant and subtle patterns.


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